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    "With a U-turn on life’s highway, I set about re-envisioning my own dreams.
    After all, winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win."
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    Hilgardt’s Story

    A message from Hilgardt:

    Life sometimes takes the most unexpected bends and turns. Ironically, mine took such a twist on a highway, while I was headed, if not in the wrong direction, at least not in my right direction.

    The highway was the N-1, between Stellenbosch and Cape Town, South Africa. I was on my way to my final exam in preparation to become a chartered accountant, which is the South African equivalent of a certified public accountant. Five years of study at Stellenbosch University had gone into this goal. My journey also included my beautiful bride-to-be, Janice, and would lead us to a settled life of recordkeeping and review — or so I thought.

    Then the phone rang. It was my wake-up call. “I am sorry, son,” my mother said. “I know how hard you have worked for this. You will not believe it, but you are in the bottom 50 percent of your class and you did not make it.”

    Surprised. Stunned. Numb. If the actual highway before me had fallen away, I wouldn’t have been as dumbfounded as I was by my mother’s words. I was so young; I had not yet failed at anything, and certainly never an entire academic year.

    I thought back to all the hours I had studied late into the night. I had been solely focused on writing my final exams and then embarking full bore on the life I had planned. But what is it they say about making plans?

    For the first time I felt the embarrassment of failure on the stage of adult life. I had just gotten engaged; we were making wedding plans. I had made my fiancée promises that I was somebody and that she could trust me, lean on me, that I was going to take her places and our journey was going to be exciting. Yet, here I was, abruptly stalled on the N-1 of my life, going nowhere, my plans suddenly stalled.

    So I did the only thing I could do. I turned around and headed back in a familiar direction, hoping there were insights to be found in my path. As I drove, I came to the life-altering realization that I would much rather plan an adventurous and fulfilling life and help others do the same than record the transactions of the past.

    Failure forms us more than our successes. This failure, it turned out, was only the first of others in life that would humble me and help shape my direction. In hindsight, I am grateful for how each failure helped me refine and realize my dreams.

    I have always believed in dreams. Growing up, my mother posted two great sayings on the wall of our kitchen. Every morning as I ate my oatmeal and prepared for my school day, I read these mottos, one of which would become my maxim for life:

    “The poorest of all men is not the man without a cent, but the man without a dream.”

    How often while sitting at that kitchen table had I heard a knock come at our front door — someone asking for food, a job, a little bit of hope in the form of an opportunity. Did these unfortunate individuals have dreams as I did as a young man? Did they once have goals and plans for their future that the poverty of South Africa had taken from them, leaving them to beg door-to-door? If I am blessed with abundance to share, then I am responsible for planning my life with this in mind. The more vividly we can envision our futures or discover the dreams our maker has for us, the more clearly and intentionally we can live and vector toward those dreams.

    With a U-turn on life’s highway, I set about re-envisioning my own dreams. After all, winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. I went back to school and redid my academic year, passing my coursework successfully. Janice and I were married and moved ahead in life with a better understanding of what it means to pursue one’s dream through adversity … to never give up, to keep believing and to work hard.

    Today, I am blessed to be married to that same girl who stuck it out with me. We have three amazing boys of whom we are so proud and we have wonderful business partners and team members who help us in our dream of helping others realize their dreams.

    We love to coach our clients to maximize their assets. Managing wealth’s purpose through time, talent and the touch of our relationships is fuel for our dreams. LifeWealth’s objective is to be a team of dream builders and to experience the joy and fulfillment of a life that is well-lived and that is used to help others.

    On behalf of my family and our team, thank you for the honor and privilege of helping you work toward making your dreams a reality.

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